Sparhawk Consulting understands that the most effective training results when programs are tailor-made for each particular business. This means listening and incorporating proven success strategies from top performers inside the company itself and developing up-to-date responses to critical issues that employees are facing today, not dated solutions that were only applicable in the past. Sparhawk Consulting offers diverse, customized training solutions for businesses looking to grow from within. Projects have also included the development and implementation of competency models for managers and professional staff.

Needs Assessment

Effective businesses benefit when they don’t settle for off-the-shelf solutions. Sparhawk Consulting knows how to help businesses a step back to analyze the underlying issues inhibiting performance.  This includes interview questions, focus group facilitation, surveys and data analysis. After all, how well will your training work if you don’t fully understand the current situation and needs of the people you’re trying to reach?

Customized Solutions

Sparhawk Consulting’s over 25 years of expertise with Fortune 500 companies, federal government agencies, non-profits and industry associations means you get a broad-based knowledge and understanding of the myriad training options available to inform and motivate your people. We’ll not only design solutions specific to the needs of your business, we’ll partner with you to implement them and achieve real results.

Design of Industry Specific Training

From soft drinks to financial services to commercial and industrial grade automotive parts, Sparhawk Consulting has covered it all with solutions for companies and organizations in manufacturing, retail, finance, energy and beyond. What works best for your particular field? We’ll know the answer and more importantly, so will your employees!

Training and Meeting Facilitation

True facilitation is the key to meetings and training that achieve positive outcomes for your business. Sparhawk Consulting brings experience leading training sessions and facilitating meetings involving anywhere from dozens to hundreds of individuals. We will help your business stay on track, gather valuable feedback, communicate your message and achieve the consensus that gets everyone on board.

Train the Trainer Programs

It’s one thing to have experience and another to be able to teach others. Our “train the trainer” initiatives identify the strengths and skills of each professional and help them reach their full potential in the classroom and on the job. These programs include engaging classroom sessions and personalized follow up coaching.

Project Planning and Project Team Leadership

Building and deploying the right team takes more than simply identifying and assembling individuals with the right skills. How well will they work together? Can they get the problem solved on time and on budget? Sparhawk Consulting will make sure these questions and more are resolved with coaching that enables your team to deliver great results.