Sparhawk Consulting’s over 25 years of expertise has taught us that every business is unique. Successful consulting requires a thorough analysis and comprehension of each company’s issues, strengths and needs. How do we do this? By listening and working closely with senior management and all levels of your organization. We create project plans, write interview questions, design and facilitate focus groups, create and administer surveys, analyze the data, develope recommendations, and implement action plans. This focused attention and results-oriented approach separates us from the competition.

Needs Analysis and Problem Diagnosis

What’s missing when it comes to your company’s success? Sparhawk Consulting brings decades of Fortune 500-level experience to bear when examining performance issues related to your business. Thet will work with your management team to undertake a comprehensive evaluation and provide detailed solutions that can be implemented straight away.

Leadership Alignment

Having everyone pull in the same direction can be easier said than done. Sparhawk Consulting will assess the barriers that can prevent your managers and employees at all levels from taking ownership of your company’s success and provide customized strategies that put everyone back on course.

Strategic Change Initiatives

How does a business respond to changes in environments, markets and technology and keep moving forward? Sparhawk Consulting develops and implements customized plans that re-energize your company with a clear view for the road ahead.

Project Planning and Project Team Leadership

Building and deploying the right team takes more than simply identifying and assembling individuals with the right skills. How well will they work together? Can they get the problem solved on time and on budget? Sparhawk Consulting will make sure these questions and more are resolved with coaching that enables your team to deliver great results.